Module 1

Module : Love the World


Students will learn to appreciate the world around them full of love and emotions for nature, friends and family. We are part of the world and the new technology doesn’t have to make us un “island” but help us to live love in the best way. 


For the Italian Meeting all should :

1) Bring Proposals for Project Slogans

2)Give an overview on the material on the platform each Partner is responsible for (etwinning, YouTube, Facebook, web, Pinterest,blog)

3) Present the material which was produced for the common Calendar

4) Present produced mesostik, acrostichons, WordClouds,... About Friendship, Friends, Community,...

5) Present School Chosen  song - About Love (to nature, Friends, Family,World) - present life or via Audio/Video file

6) Present at Least two Apps About the Video "Brother Sun, Sister Moon" - produced with

7) Present a small part of the Video changed into a storybird (

During the exchange visit in Monopoli
1) The words and sentences produced in the schools after the vision of the video “ Brother sun, sister moon” will be used to create a CLOUD with using the mobiles.It will be posted on the school sites and socials . STUDENTS AND TEACHERS

2) Video of “ The canticle of the creatures” by Branduardi with English subtitles A description of the motivation of this choice and the history of this piece written by Saint Francesco d’Assisi. Use of the tool Edpuzzle for teachers to involve students in the video. Singing together. STUDENTS AND TEACHERS

3) Acting to communicate:Sections of the film will be the base for small acting among the students: friend love, family love, love for nature and other people who need help: small videos. In the auditorium the works will be shared and students and teachers will express their opinions. STUDENTS

4) LOVEART: a workshop about drawings and words in paintings representing the nature, love for ouservels and the others, using different tecniques. STUDENTS

5)Walkig among love words: students will follow a path with love signals and they will have to find the right way, in order to create a sentence or parts of famous poems about love. STUDENTS AND TEACHERS

6) A workshop about devices security : A teacher will do a lesson in English about the topic.
This will be followed by a group workand the students will create a spot to give suggestion on how to use them correctly with their ffelings and emotions ,using

7) Music festival - Music is love: The most voted song by each school on the Etwinning platform will be sung and played together also with the partner students if they can play some instruments, at the meeting. STUDENTS AND TEACHERS

8) Round table about love in the city library: the teachers will be able to find books about love and feelings in Italian and foreign languages and share some sentences or talk about books that they have just read. At the end everyone will fill in a PADLET paper called “Love... walking among books”

9) Love Day: Games like: How to communicate without words: Competition in small groups where the students try to communicate feelings and the others have to guess; Make a puzzle:the drawings created during the art workshop and words will be made in parts of a puzzle and the students will find the parts to create a big puzzle on a big board. Presentation of the video and dwawing activities . As “gran finale” a big concert with choir about with the inclusion of the students from the other countries. STUDENTS ,TEACHERS AND PARENTS

10) Students and the accompanying persons will also attend in:
- Reception of the participants.Presentation of the Erasmus teams.Headmaster's speech and visiting school.
- Intercultural dialogue by meeting each other and discussions to have a feedback, too.
- Visiting the classes/students during lessons based on topics connected to the project, in order to get into the Italian system and to compare with their ones: PE, Art, English . Some teachers form the other schools will have lessons in the Italian classes.
- Cultural Program: visit of the town and mayor welcome in the city Hall;
- visit of “farmsteads” to see the oil production,Alberobello with “trulli “ Unesco world Heritage and Polignano .